The River Girls

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These girls are so cool about being 2015 – 2016 Seniors I never even heard one squeal of delight or giggle of contentment.  just kidding. They are growing up though, I remember the first time I photographed them I used film! They’ve been friends that long, like, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth – oh [...]

Best Kind of Best

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This school year was so cool for me! I was able to be a small part of these two young ladies lives during this eventful year, and I'll tell you what, they are killing it!   I'm so excited for them! They have both grown so much is just this short time, I can really see [...]

Xander in the Park

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Much as I love shooting in the studio, a lot of clients like the natural outdoor look for their portraits, High School Seniors especially and I, of course,  oblige them. I'm calling this little series "Zander in the Park" I also have "Zander in the Studio" and "Zander in the City" all three are pretty [...]

These eyes of hers

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Oh, this girl and her eyes. I did not enhance her eyes in any of these images. I thought about lessening their impact at one point because I felt they might look over done or "too photoshopped" - but they aren’t, not even a little bit. I always think the people I photograph are beautiful [...]

Red Hot Boudoir – Behind The Scenes

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We had an absolutely beautiful suite with an incredible view of the Las Vegas Strip for our Red Hot Boudoir event this year.  It was a beautiful day made even more so by the gorgeous women we styled, madeover and photographed. The fabulous Miss Luci Lux was ROCKING the Hair and makeup department for most [...]

This Pose

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This pose is endlessly awesome.  This pose is extremely versatile. This pose is incredibly flattering. Can you tell I think this pose is the bee's knees? Starting with the base shape of this pose and by directing small movements with arms, head and leg position I can get a lot of variety of shapes and expression. [...]

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